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duplicate internet girl

Duplicating Success

Posted 03/17/2015 by Stacey Cornelius

There’s that guy. You know the one. His work is okay. Well, better than okay, if we’re being completely honest and don’t have to say it out loud. A little commercial, maybe, but (sigh) that’s what seems to sell.

The thing about That Guy is he’s so damn successful. And not just that, he brags about it. It’s galling. You grit your teeth and wonder what he has that you don’t. How do you copy that success?

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Resolutions, with Benefits

Posted 01/08/2015 by Stacey Cornelius

I am, at this very moment, anticipating toast. This is a very bad thing, because gluten breaks my brain. I’m also about to break a resolution, even though I never make resolutions in early January, or late December, because I’m not at my best during the bleakest time of the year, when the days are short and cold, and often grey, and I find myself wanting to spend months at a time in a warm bath and my insides crave nothing but comfort food.

But I’m hungry, there’s heroin—I mean, bread—in the house, and everything I can safely consume requires far too much cooking.

Currently my insides are not interested in cooking, just toast. So my unwritten, slightly vague pledge of Healthy and Unapologetic is in serious jeopardy.
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When it Feels Like Work

Posted 11/04/2014 by Stacey Cornelius

I’ve spent the past several months communing with construction materials. During that time I’ve had the opportunity to carefully examine the concept as well as the bruising reality of work.

The concept has proven more difficult.

A dozen years ago, at another house and during another renovation, I was feeling overwhelmed and said I needed more help from my partner. The reply: “But he works!”
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