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This is me.My name is Stacey Cornelius. Perceptions, filtered is where I write about the way we see the world, how we’re influenced by media and culture, and how those things impact on making and marketing creative work.

I live a multi-hyphenated life. I write, design jewellery, herd cats and teach marketing workshops to smart, creative people.

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from NSCAD University, in Textiles and Art History. I also have an education in technical theatre, graphic arts and information technology.

My business background includes 30 years in and out of the retail industry, where I sold everything from fabric by the yard to women’s wear, work boots, art supplies, and art and fine craft. I’ve worked in business administration and consulting, done stints at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival and Banff Centre for the Arts; co-founded and managed a fine craft co-op and ran my own fine craft shop. I created my own web design business, jewellery design business, and exhibited artwork in several Nova Scotia galleries.

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