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Creative Tension: The Extraordinary and the Mundane

Posted 05/31/2013 by Stacey Cornelius

Between the extremes
In a creative existence, there is constant tension between the extraordinary and the mundane.

In the endless popularity contest of the virtual-social, we strive to be seen to be remarkable, to become remarkable, while wading through the very ordinary stuff of life.

We buy our groceries, grit our teeth through traffic and glare at our utility bills.

We are stunned, outraged, amused and appalled by the antics of the people we elect (and pay) to represent us. We fight to hold corporations to ethical standards they would prefer did not exist.

We struggle with choices we’ve made or tried not to make.

We’re upended by job losses, conflict with the people we love, and sudden, terrible illnesses of colleagues and friends.

We wonder at the vastness of life. We struggle with our creativity and ambition.

We throw socks in the laundry and talk about the weather.

The commonplace is often unwelcome, but it gives us a grounding. It helps keep us sane. It’s something we can push against, reject for a time while we dig deeply into our creative work.

And when we’re done, those simple tasks remind us of what we really are: simple and complex, sensible and absurd, perfect and flawed — human.

Creative Commons image credit: Nattu