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learning curve

The Marketing Learning Curve in Internet Time

Posted 04/01/2014 by Stacey Cornelius

A year in very quick review
I’m in the midst of prepping to teach marketing and pricing workshops for visual artists. Without even looking at my materials from last year, I know I need to make some updates, mostly on the marketing side. Because in the online world, everything moves fast. If you want to build and maintain a reputation, you need to keep an eye on not only current technology, but also the culture that develops around it.

The culture evolves almost as quickly as the applications.
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Creative Tension: The Extraordinary and the Mundane

Posted 05/31/2013 by Stacey Cornelius

Between the extremes
In a creative existence, there is constant tension between the extraordinary and the mundane.

In the endless popularity contest of the virtual-social, we strive to be seen to be remarkable, to become remarkable, while wading through the very ordinary stuff of life.

We buy our groceries, grit our teeth through traffic and glare at our utility bills.

We are stunned, outraged, amused and appalled by the antics of the people we elect (and pay) to represent us. We fight to hold corporations to ethical standards they would prefer did not exist.
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crystal ball

Make Room for the Irrational

Posted 05/10/2013 by Stacey Cornelius

Embrace intellect
Intellectual discipline. Purposeful, self-regulatory judgment. Commitment to using reason in the formulation of our beliefs.

So sayeth Wikipedia on the subject of critical thinking.

What the entry doesn’t mention, and I suppose what hard-core proponents would balk at, are those times when you should jump the fence and do something that appears to be completely irrational.

Then abandon all reason
You’ve been there. All the evidence, pointed questions and logic in the concrete, empirical world can’t get you where you need to go. You have to trust your gut, follow your nose, and take a leap of faith.

Cliches are optional.
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